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2017. Editions of 3. Media: Pigment print stereoviews, acrylic glass stereoview holders, stands.

Living in the rural hinterlands of South Australia is a beautiful and disquieting experience, often at the same time. It was here that a clash of colonised culture, natural traces and imagined truths suggested that the medium of photography affords us an opportunity to reimagine our place in the world like no other. This series is about tension, domesticity, hinterlands and hazards.

This series is both a reflection and a siren to avoid what Ross Gibson has dubbed the ‘aftermarth culture’. These repainted curios wrapped in bush hazard tape form a glossy and seductive new photo-plain. As a 2D photo they reflect the viewer back to herself. As a 2.5D stereoview they allow her to see in.

Pick your poison.

Hazards 1-4 (2017) Pigment prints on archival paper, fluorescent acrylic, armatures and stereoscopic viewers, 14 x7cm each

Shown at SOA+D Gallery, Canberra 2017.

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