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Fine Print magazine launch

Apr 1, 2015

The curatorial powerhouse of Gillian Brown, Rayleen Forester, Joanna Kitto ave added a welcome new voice to contemporary art scribbling – fine print magazine . The first issue is on TIME for which they graciously asked me to pen a piece. Take 5 and read it here. With luck and funding to be print published at the end of the year. Best of luck with the new venture Fine Printers!

fine print magazine

Salt (Diptych)

Welcome to the first edition of fine print.

fine print is an independent visual arts magazine focusing on critical and experimental discussion around contemporary art. We are excited about fresh perspectives in the practice of writing about art; new forms of reporting, reviewing, debating and reciprocating contemporary art that makes an effort to actively record art as it happens.

For our inaugural issue we’ve compiled a series of articles that explore the notion of time. In an increasingly unstable climate we have seen contemporary artists engaging with process driven theories related to marking, scoring, assembling or disassembling the notion of time and space.

This month we investigate this theory and its relationship to artists today.

Issue #1 includes feature articles from Matthew Lorenzon (VIC), Riley O’Keeffe (SA) and CJ Taylor (SA) alongside responses to contemporary works by Madeline Reece (SA) and Gloria Strzelecki (SA).

Join the conversation here.

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